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Tanceuticals Resultsratingresultscoconut smell
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Love the tanning lotion best one I’ve ever tried and lots of good sales.


This stuff is so easy to apply, smells FANTASTIC and the color is out of this world! I look like I just got back from a tropical vacation!

Tanceuticals Ultra Dark

Very pleased with this product. Does not streak, goes on evenly creates a tan look as if you were on the beach. Customer Service 5 stars.

The best!

This is hands down the best tanning products I have ever used!

Only tanner I use

Great color!!

Love it!

So easy to apply and it looks great! I can’t get enough of this product. 😍

Best self tanner on the market

I have used this for years and it really is the best! Natural color, NO smell and easy to use.

The only product I use!

I'm super happy with both the face and body products. They don't dry my skin out like most lotions and the tan stays for several days!

Best product

I’ve used the CC face lotion for several years. It is the best product available. I am the fairest person and it give me the right amount of natural looking color. Tried something else with great reviews but came right back. There is nothing else as good! I also love the body tan with the glove.

Perfect Tan

I’m very impressed with the tanning lotion. I have light skin and both the light & dark lotion looked great. I will continue to use this product.

Great color in about 8 hours

I faithfully used Lancôme sunless tanning cream for years. Because it's expensive and the smell is a little off-putting, I decided to search the Internet for something else that's less costly and smells better. That's when I learned about Tanceuticals, which I've now been using for several years. It costs less, smells better, and I like the color. Win, win, win! I have a fair complexion, but the Dark color looks good as long as I don't apply it too thick. I recently learned that if I mix it with lotion, it does a much better job covering my feet, which has always been a trouble spot for me. Another win!

Smells better than most self-tanners

I have continued to use this light self-tanner for a couple of years because it blends well, provides natural color, doesn't smell as bad as other self-tanners I have tried and doesn't feel sticky. I have extremely pale skin and darker self tanners look completely fake on me. I get just enough color that I don't feel like I'm blinding people at the gym, and it's not noticeable that my legs and arms are a little darker than my face. (I have tried the light self-tanner for face, but it comes off when I clean my face before bed).

Amazing product! I love that I can feel confident in what I am putting on my skin since all the ingredients are natural! The color comes out great and doesn’t leave you feeling sticky like most other self tanners do.

Only face tanner i’ll ever use!

I’ve been self tanning for years, the face is always a tricky part because it is so sensitive and you never want to put just ANYTHING on your face. I always used tanner on my face because most days I don’t wear makeup. I was tired of staining my pillows or having the dark color guard on tanners cling to dry patches and make me look dirty. I got this tanner about a month ago and i’ve been very happy ever since! It smells delicious and is very moisturizing without being too thick or greasy. My skin is sensitive and acne prone and this hasn’t broken me out... in fact it has cleared my skin up as my old self tan seemed to clog my pores and leave my skin congested. The color is beautiful and natural, leaves my skin looking glowy and sunkissed rather than dirty like my old tanner! Overall this is an amazing product and I can’t wait to try the body tanner as well.


This is absolutely the greatest self tanner I have ever used. It goes on smoothly and doesn't streak like all other tanners out there (as long as it's applied as directed in a circular motion w- the glove). It smells great & best of all it looks very natural w-no orange streaks! I would definitely recommend Tanceuticals to everyone out there who wants a gorgeous flawless tan:)-

Love how this product looks!

Who needs the Beach 🤷🏼‍♀️

I have been using this product for over 4 years and it is amazing!! It last at least 2 weeks or better!! No staining on my clothes and hydrates my skin as it tans! I’m not getting any younger so hydration is a must!! I am a loyal customer and always will be!!

Best tanning lotion I have ever tried !!

Out of all the lotions I have tried, this is by far the best one. It looks so natural and never looks orange. It fades perfectly. Absolutely would reccomend.


The only facial I tanner I use!

Favorite Express Tanning Product EVER!

Okay, so I’ve been an avid fan of Tanceuticals dark and ultra dark lotion ever since I discovered them via But let me tell you that this express mousse is now my ultimate fave! The reason I like this most is because it only takes 3-4 hours to develop, you can SHOWER, your skin feels incredibly soft, and you get the same exact beautiful color you do with the lotions overnight! Not to mention, I think the application is probably the easiest too. The light color guide helps you see where you’re putting it, and the dryer areas take this product so much more smoothly and evenly than even the lotions do! Highly, HIGHLY recommend!

Makes Applying to Back a Snap!

This thing is a miracle worker when you're applying self tanner by yourself! It makes application so easy and I never miss any spots. As a bonus, it lasts FOREVER!

Love It

This is saving me a TON of money! I used to by all of these separately. I love the light color, I apply it every 2 days almost like moisturizer and it gives me just enough of a light, natural glow!

Long Lasting, With Great Color

Male, 6 foot, 185lbs.

This is a great product that will last a week as long as you moisturize once a day following the day after you've applied tanning lotion. The mit applicator works great but does bleed through onto finger tips somewhat, so latex gloves underneath is recommended.

Application time will vary but on average I can do it in 30-35min with wiping off excess lotion on finger and toe nails, and applying the face lotion onto neck n face with tarte kabuki foundation brush. I also use this brush to apply to hands with great results.

Only downside is no color guide (to know where lotion has been applied) and with the face n body lotion, it only lasts 3 whole body applications. Ive used this for about 7-8 times and I always run out on 3rd application per kit.

I have hair on legs somewhat, a bit on chest n stomach and ever so slightly on lower back. So it lasting 4 applications would be for a female with no hair.

Love This!!!

I have been using fake tanners for years now. I googled best tanners and found this one. I have now been using it for years and will never change brands. I ran out before ordering more and tried something different. I was so mad I did it was terrible!

I'm So Happy!

I am the palest person you could ever meet.. The sun makes my skin bubble it's just crazy so I avoid the sun completely and I'm literally like a porcelain doll.. at first when I put this on I Thought I looked Orange but then I got a tip to mix it with a little body lotion and now I have skin like the girl on the cover page of the website.. I'm golden I'm not dark I'm not light I'm golden and I couldn't be happier thank you tanceuticsls! Not to mention there is no streaks whatsoever if you follow the instructions and it smells great and dries very quickly.. the tanning mitt is hard to keep an eye on how much lotion you are actually using so I recommend just using your hands because a little goes a long way and I feel with the tanning met you use more than you need to because you can't tell how much you're putting on plus with your hands you can rub in a circular motion much easier! Then I just wash my hands a couple times in a row and make sure it's all off.. now I'm definitely saving my money to order the bronzer because I know this product works and I would trust any other product from this site and the bronzer seems like it's amazing! good luck ladies!

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Tanceuticals is the highest-rated self tanner out there :)

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