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Easy to use

This was my first time doing a self tanner and I was nervous which shade to get - light or dark - and went with light. It was super easy to apply, and like the other reviews say, it smells really good! I just put a dab on the mit and rubbed it on like normal lotion. I wasn't sure how much lotion to use, so I didn't use much at first. I felt like there wasn't much difference in my color after the first application (and I have VERY fair skin), so I applied it again the next night. The next morning I felt like I had a nice, subtle glow! Honestly I could have even gone with a third coat but stopped after the second. The tricky spots are hands, elbows, knees, and FEET! They looked a little splotchy to me because my skin is drier there, so just go very lightly over those areas. It faded evenly which was great as well. Next time I will probably buy the dark color, but for it being wintertime and my first time trying a self tanner, light was a great choice! You can always apply another coat if you want to be a little darker :)

Great product l

I like the ultra dark lotion it’s easy to apply and Great looking tan to get me through the winter months 😎

Love this!

Wasn't sure if I would like that it blends in white/clear in case I missed a spot but I love it! Smells good and feels refreshing. The perfect tan

Gives my pale skin a little glow!

I recently purchased the self tanning body lotion in the shade light and it is perfect for us fair skinned people! I am ghostly white so when I tried the ultra dark shade it was a bit too much. The color was gorgeous but made it too obvious on my light skin how fake it was. I purchased the shade light and it is perfect! Sometimes I'll add ultra dark to my legs if I want a little more of a glow there. All in all this is the best self tanner I've ever used...and I've tried quite a bit. Fades naturally and evenly!

Loving it so far. Smells great and is helping my tan last longer and fade beautifully


I've been searching far and wide for the end all be all face tanning serum. I am over the moon that I've come across Tanceuticals. I'm a tanning aficionado and ive never heard of this company, they need to promote themselves more and get their name out there! I've tried st tropez, isle of paradise, coco & eve, clinique, st moriz, bondi sands, bali body, tanologist, james read, & sosu dripping gold and NOTHING sufficed and if it did, i would have to use like 10 drops to see a SUBTLE difference but with the tanceuticals serum I can use 2 pumps and its a noticeable difference right away when I wake up. What a sweet relief, this stuff strokes my ego when I face the mirror in the dead of the winter!!!

Love the Spray

I really love the spray. The color is nice and I like the color guide that shows where I have already applied it. It dries really fast and it doesn't feel like I have a self tanner on. Skin feels very smooth.


Love the tan doesn’t leave a Orange look!


I love this self tanner! barely any smell at all (and it doesn't smell like your typical self tanner). It actually smells nice. It doesn't stain your sheets. You won't see color right away but I was very pleased with the color the next morning. Next time I will order the ultra dark.


This is my first time trying Tanceuticals, I love it! its easy to use and the color lasts for days.

great product

looks natural and doesnt have nasty smell

C C self tanning face lotion dark

I love this tanning lotion! I have very fair skin and it a perfect color for me, I was worried it might be too dark but it’s perfect! you only need a small amount and it so easy to apply, I added a small amount of bio oil to my face after applying the tanner and it came out great!! and the best part it has Vitimins no chemicals so I feel I’m not harming my face as other self tanners have lots of chemicals Thankyou for this wonderful product!!

By far my favorite tanner

This is by far my favorite tanning product. It is easy to apply, moisturizing (doesn’t leave your body feeling “wet”), phenomenal deep natural color, and long lasting. And the smell is dreamy! A nice coconut tropical scent.

Hydrating, easy to apply

I love this formula and how hydrating it is for my skin. I purchased the light shade (I have blonde hair, brown eyes, light/medium skin tone) and the tan is noticeable but very light. Next time I will purchase the dark for more dramatic results.

Easy and consistent

Very easy to apply and delivers consistent color. Skin looks natural and healthy.

Beautiful Long lasting color

I love the color and how long it stays on. I definitely need to put more lotion and less tanner on my knees,feet and hands the darker the product though especially in the winter when I'm more pale and dry. Over all the smell is good the color is great I don't have to reapply for almost a week and the face twice a week. I love it!

Great products!

Love this stuff! No regrets, goes on without streaking and doesn’t look orange. Very natural.

Love, love ,love!

Favorite tanning product ever!!


Love the facial cc cream and body mousse !

Yes, yes, and yes!

Love this stuff! Still have to put moisturizer on at least an hour before putting this stuff on. I have incredibly dry skin that any self tanner looks bad on if I dont moisturize first. Trying the express next week. The lotion is nice, but I like a dark guide and seeing where I've applied or missed a spot. It's all great stuff!


Been using this stuff for two years now, honestly there is nothing better. Great smell, does nothing fade weird and overall amazing. I will be purchasing more each month :)

So far so good

This is a great color! I used the dark and it was perfect for my lighter skin tone!

best ever goes on easy and not greasy I will always buy this the absolute best and doesn't leave you streaky

The Best!

I can't tell you how happy I am with the CC Self Tanning Face Lotion, Dark. I have very sensitive skin and I have tried a lot of self tanning products that irritated my skin- I was skeptical at first but I thought what do I have to lose? I'm happy I went for it! I love how it makes my face look very natural. Now I have to buy the spray and mitt for my body- Thank you for making this product.

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