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When it comes to choosing the best self tanner, there’s one person in the world who people listen to more than anyone else…

Her name is Emily Andrews and she’s the founder and editor of the insanely popular website,

Since 2012, her and her team have personally reviewed over 350 different self tanners!

And these aren’t the “fake” reviews you see on other websites either. 

They film all their reviews so you can see that they actually try them out.

These video reviews, which are posted on their YouTube channel, have millions of views.

So obviously, we were excited when Emily and her team tried Tanceuticals, and named it the best self tanner of the year!

Why does she like it so much?

You can hear exactly what she had to say in this short video…

Video Transcript:

Hey everybody. Today I'm reviewing Tanceuticals CC Self Tanning Body Lotion in dark. I give this self tanner 5 out of 5 stars. So I absolutely love it. It's my favorite right now.

If you guys follow me, I have reviewed this one before but I got so many emails from you guys asking if this is still my favorite, if I could do an updated review. So this is my update. Yes, I'm still loving it. Yes, this is still the one I go-to when I'm not trying new self tanners.

I just really haven't found one that I like more than this yet. It's still my go-to holy grail self tanner. So I'll get into the review now....

This is a 4.2 ounce bottle and it sells for about $27. That's a very average price point as far as self tanners go. So for this one, I actually think it's a really good deal.

This is a lotion. It's a light tan color. It's very lightweight and smooth feeling lotion, which makes it really easy to apply. I love the texture, it's just so easy. The smell of it is my absolute favorite.

It smells like coconuts and whenever I wear it, I get compliments on how I smell. Which is not common for self tanners. Usually they stink to high heaven, but this one smells so good. I have yet to find one that smells better. I wish they would make like a perfume out of this smell! Very tropical, very coconuty.

The application of this one is really simple. I use a tanning mitt and I recommend you do too, just to protect your palms and it makes it really easy. But it just kind of glides over your skin and it blends in really easy within a few seconds.

It has a light tan color. You can't really see it that much as you put it on your skin, but it's still really easy to apply. And I liked that the color guide isn't that dark because it didn't stain anything, it doesn't stain my clothes or bedsheets when I wear it, which is a huge plus.

You guys don't even know how many clothes and sheets I've ruined by wearing self tanners with them. But this one you don't need to worry about that.

As far as the drying time goes, it only took a few minutes to dry. So once I applied it, literally like, by the time I was done applying it, I felt dry. No stickiness, no tackiness. It felt just very smooth.

My skin felt really good after I applied it. I think it's because it has all those healthy cosmeceuticals in there. So when I use this one, my skin ends up feeling so soft and so supple, because it's actually good and very hydrating for your skin as well.

Now as far as the results go, this is the dark shade and my tan I get with this, I just can't beat it. It's really natural looking. It's like a deep bronze, so natural. It looks like I just got back from the beach. And I always get compliments when I wear it out. People ask me what self tanner I use or if I just got back from vacation.

And that's like a huge compliment when it comes to self tanners because that just shows how natural it looks. There's no orangey tint at all. It's just a really nice bronze, deep color.

They also have an ultra dark that's darker than this and that one's really great too. But this is a true dark tan and it's really nice looking and there was no streaks or splotches either.

As far as how long it lasts. It lasts about seven days, five to seven days. So it lasts a good four to five days on my skin. And then it starts to fade a little bit. I get a little bit of splotches, but nothing crazy. No one else would notice. But I can notice a few splotchy areas as it fades. But that's normal when it comes to dark self tanners. If you want to get any color at all from a self tanner, you need to expect that. I have yet to find a really dark self tanner that doesn't leave a little bit of splotchiness as it fades.

As far as men go, I definitely think men would like this one. You only need to apply it once a week. It smells great. It's hassle free and easy, not messy, and you get a tan that you can't beat.

Like I said, I've tried hundreds, maybe even thousands of self tanners now. And this one just produces really, really nice color. I always get compliments and this is still my go-to self tanner.

So men, I think you would like this one too. My husband actually steals mine sometimes and this is the only self tanner he'll use if he self tans.

So overall, I gave it 5 out of 5 stars and my top rating among all the self tanners out there. For the price, it's just a great value and you can't beat the color!

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