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When it comes to choosing the best self tanner, there’s one person in the world who people listen to more than anyone else…

Her name is Emily Andrews and she’s the founder and editor of the insanely popular website,

Since 2012, her and her team have personally reviewed over 350 different self tanners!

And these aren’t the “fake” reviews you see on other websites either. 

They film all their reviews so you can see that they actually try them out.

These video reviews, which are posted on their YouTube channel, have millions of views.

So obviously, we were excited when Emily and her team tried Tanceuticals, and named it the best self tanner of the year!

Why does she like it so much?

You can hear exactly what she had to say in this short video…

Video Transcript:

Hey guys, today I am reviewing the Tanceuticals Self Tanning Body Lotion in the shade Dark.

I gave this product of five out of five stars. It’s my absolute favorites. It’s my holy grail self tanner.

I use it all the time. And I will tell you all about it right now.

This is actually a self tanning body lotion. And it doesn’t really have a color guide.

It’s like a light tannish color, but when you apply it on your skin, it doesn’t act as a color guide at all.

It feels so lightweight and soft when you apply it. It’s very moisturizing, very hydrating.

It has a lot of cosmeceuticals in it. So, it feels great on your skin. Actually, it feels like you are just applying a lotion, not a self tanner.

The smell of it is so good too. It smells like a tropical beach. It smells like coconut. It’s just so good.

It’s by far the best smelling self-tanner I have ever used.

As far as applying it goes, it’s really easy and clean.

I still recommend using a tanning mitt, even though it’s a lotion and it doesn’t have a color guide, but you always want to protect your palms.

Just apply like you would your normal body lotion.

Pay attention to hard to reach areas and the areas that you would apply lotion to beforehand like your knees, your elbows.

It’s just really, really easy to apply.

You don’t need to worry about a dark guide getting all over the place. It’s really clean. It’s definitely the cleanest self tanner I have ever used.

The drying time?

It dries so fast. It dries in like 5 or 10 minutes.

And while you are waiting for it to dry, you don’t need to worry about it staining your clothes or anything, because there’s no color guide in it.

Now, for the results, that’s what I really love about this product!

It gives such a deep natural-looking tan. There is no orange tint at all.

There’s no green tint at all. It’s just so smooth and natural.

And this being a lotion, it’s just so foolproof to apply that my tan always ends up just so smooth looking.

They also have an ultra-dark shade in this, if you want to even be a little bit darker, but the dark is just a really good every day tan.

As far as for how long it lasts on my skin; it lasts about 5-7 days. So, sometimes, it even lasts a full week which is awesome.

I only need to apply it like once a week and it lasts and it fades so well.

A lot of self tanners get patchy or scaly as they fade.

Since this one is a lotion, it actually moisturizes your skin and I didn’t get any of that scaley-ness as it faded.

So that’s a huge plus for me as well.

Men, I think you will like this self tanner too.

My husband has stolen mine from time to time to use it, because he loves it so much too.

It’s just a really good all around self tanner for everyone.

I have recommended it to some friends and it works well on all skin tones.

So, I really, really love this product.  It’s a five out of five from me!


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